How to create and send an email

Once you have signed into your Gmail account, the first page you will see is your inbox. Your inbox is where all emails that have been sent to you will be stored. On the left-hand column, you should see a large button called “+ Compose.”

A plus sign sitting beside the word Compose, inside of a button. This would be clicked when you want to compose a new emailed

Within the “New Message” window, you can choose to close, minimize or full-screen view the email you are working on using the controls in the top right corner. In the “Recipients” field, you will need to type an email address you wish to send a message to (example: The first time you send an email to someone, you’ll need to type the full email address, then Gmail will remember that email address.

Within the new message window you have two fields. These read “To” with a drop down that reads, and below it reads subject

In the “New Message” tab, you can also add a “Subject” to your email. The subject is the first thing your recipient will see before they open the email. The final section of the “New Message” window will let you compose the message you wish to send. In this section, you can change the font size, colour, add attachments and pictures.

The email window displayed reads at the top “lunch plans this weekend” with in the first field, in the second field it reads Lunch plans this weekend. The email field where you write out the email reads: Hello Nic, I wanted to see if you are available for lunch this weekend. The send button is located below it on the left side.

Once you have completed your email, click “Send” in the bottom left-hand corner, and it will instantly be sent to your recipient.