Welcome to the Wellness Connections Program by Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team

The Wellness Connections Program is designed for people aged 65+ to learn about healthy changes and choices to age well and connect to local service providers offering supportive programs. The program can be accessed virtually with support required through the kl-oht website or with in-person support.

Diet and Nutrition

Learn more about why diet and nutrition has an impact on our overall health. Learn about programs near you, connect with online resources to find healthy recipes and information.


Goal Setting

Learn why setting goals is important. Find examples and worksheets to set a goal for yourself!



Learn why physical activity is important and find local and virtual programs that help you maintain or increase your physical activity

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Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team aims to provide a seamless health system for the people we serve with a relentless focus on supporting people to live their healthiest possible life.

About this site:

On this site you will find:

  • Helpful Information and Videos about frailty prevention
  • Links to local and virtual programs and supports
  • Option to develop a wellness plan
  • Celebrating your efforts along the way!

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